Bookbinding Workshops

From simple casebound A5 notebooks to luxury quarter-leather journals, I offer a wide choice of Bookbinding Workshops here in my North Devon studio.

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Scheduled Bookbinding Workshops

Bookbinding Kits

If you’re not able to make it to one of my bookbinding workshops, my Bookbinding Kit is what you’re after!

Containing every single item needed to produce beautiful books, you’ll be able to follow my in-depth illustrated instructions and create your own books at home on your kitchen table in no time at all.

Bookbinding Kits

Your Tutor – Mandy Flockton

I first became interested in bookbinding at university while studying illustration.

As an illustrator of books it was natural for me to want to make my own. Having the ability to bind my own books meant I was able to present my ideas to publishers as a high-quality, faithful representation of the potential published book (which is essential as a Children’s Author-Illustrator).

I also became interested in self-publishing my own work as short-run batch productions and selling them via book shops and zine fairs. I learned to bind books as a student and I was aware at the time of the difficulty and expense in locating the ‘correct’ tools and materials.

These problems lead me to take traditional bookbinding techniques and develop them in a way that makes bookbinding more accessible to everyone. I have been teaching my unique, user-friendly workshops for over 10 years in educational institutions and to the public and they are always enthusiastically received.

I look forward sharing my craft with you soon!

I was so impressed with the book I made, it looked just like a bought one … I never thought I’d be able to make anything like that!

Annalise / Graphic Design Student

Thank you for the best day-course I have ever attended. I hoped I might at least learn enough to restore a much loved book, not only did I learn that knowledge, I also came away with a new hobby.


The workshop I attended I was really well organised and the instruction was so clear. Mandy was so patient and helpful.


I have two, no wait, three sketchbooks made by Mandy Flockton. They are treasured items with astonishing attention to detail. A pleasure to draw in, they are all filling up!

Chris Stonehill / Illustrator

Having been bought this course as a present by my niece I was delighted that not only was the day thoroughly enjoyable but I’ve also made a couple of new friends.

Mrs Anderson

I loved it! I love trying new crafts and this was like nothing else I’d ever done. Mandy made everything so easy to follow and I can’t wait to make more books. I know what I will be giving for Christmas this year!


Complete Bookbinding Starter Kit


Complete kit containing everything you’ll need to get you started in the absorbing & addictive craft of bookbinding.

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