Feeling Crafty? How about teaching yourself a wonderful (and addictive!) new skill with our Bookbinding Craft Kits!

Packed with all the carefully selected high quality tools and materials required to make each book, our bookbinding kits truly are a “Bookbinding Workshop in a Box!”.  Our in depth downloadable tutorials will have you making stunning books at home on your kitchen table in no time at all!

If you’re a complete novice to the world of bookbinding, I would recommend starting with our “Complete Bookbinding Starter Kit”, though if you have competent & crafty hands, there’s no reason you couldn’t jump straight in with something a little more challenging such as our Half Leather Binding Kit – My illustrated tutorials walk you through each step of the process as if I’m sat on your shoulder throughout!

We currently have 6 different types of bookbinding kit, all developed in-house, starting with our ever-popular & bestselling Bookbinding Starter Kit: