Box-Making Workshop, 27th April

Learn Bookbinding’s Craft Workshop in Barnstaple, 27th April 2019

Yesterday saw a return of my “Box Making” workshop, presently the only workshop I offer that isn’t strictly bookbinding. 

The majority of attendees who come along to this particular workshop are people who have been to one of my other workshops & seen one of my handmade boxes sitting on the side. When they pick it up, marvel at the satisfyingly-snug-fitting-lid & the overall feel of it, invariably the questions comes: “Do you offer this as a workshop?” 

Curiously it’s never my most subscribed workshop, I think the reason being that unless you’ve picked up one of these boxes in my studio it’s hard to imagine just how stunning they are. However, as it’s a reasonably demanding workshop I’m never going to complain when it’s not fully booked – makes it easier to keep an eye on what everyone’s up to! 

In order to achieve the delightful snug lid an awful lot of attention to detail is required – plenty of measuring and cutting with a craft knife to millimetre-accuracy. 

Some photos from the day:

I’m always proud of my students when they finish the day with an item to cherish – and this lovely lot didn’t disappoint at all, each making a beautiful box that will last for years!

If you fancy having a go at Box Making I’ve scheduled another workshop for Saturday August 24th, you can view the details here: Box Making Workshop

Finally, at the end of yesterday’s session one of my students expressed an interest in “French Link Binding”. As I didn’t have that particular workshop listed on my current schedule, I’ve added one to my diary for Saturday August 17th.

It’s already 50% booked with just 4 places remaining, so if you’d like to come along you can grab a place here: French Link Binding

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any comments I’d love to read ’em below – or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Box-Making Workshop, 27th April

  1. Beth says:

    It was fabulous Mandy, thank you again 😊 we are very much looking forward to August now and some more book binding!!!

  2. Rosina Till says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and already looking to book another one of your courses. Hoping to do your french link binding if there are any places left after my op

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