Bookbinding Workshops – In a Box!

It might not be too surprising to see that I don’t have any bookbinding workshops scheduled at the moment. 2020 has been quite an experience and had the result of taking my business model off on a complete tangent.

In-person workshops will return, government guidelines permitting, at some point in 2021. But, if you’ve landed on this page since you’re looking to do one of my popular bookbinding workshops, fear not – I can bring my workshop to you!

Taking time off from running regular workshops this year has allowed me to concentrate on the “Bookbinding Kit” side of my business, and indeed to launch a brand new kit to go along with my Complete Bookbinding Starter Kit and A4 Sketchbook Kit.

I have designed my kits to give you a workshop experience that you can follow along at home at your own pace. The tuition guide that comes with each kit is very very thorough, fully illustrated, and very easy to follow.

To keep you occupied until my workshops return, the following Bookbinding Kits are available: