Free Book Binding Guide

Hello, my name is Mandy Flockton and I have been a professional bookbinder for 15 years – for the last 10 years I have specialised in teaching bookbinding to aspiring bookbinders in schools, colleges, universities & my own book binding workshops in the UK.


In 2017, after years of being pestered to do so by my bookbinding students, I put together a Complete Bookbinding Starter Kit, which allows you to make beautiful books at home on your kitchen table without the need for any specialist tools or equipment.


To accompany my kit I created what I think is one of the most thorough and easy to follow bookbinding guides ever produced – which I have made available to everyone, completely free 🙂


When I wrote this book binding guide I wasn’t planning on giving it away for free, it was purely to include with my bookbinding starter kit, so you’ll find that the guide references tools and materials that are included within the kit. However, if you have the materials etc to hand, you should (hopefully!) find this guide easy to follow and be able to start making your own books!


If you follow the guide to make a book I’d love to see it – find me on Facebook and send in a photo! Happy book bookbinding!


*Warning: Bookbinding is a seriously addictive hobby!

Free Bookbinding Guide

Bookbinding Starter Kit

Complete Bookbinding Starter Kit – Contains absolutely everything you need in order to start making beautiful hardback books at home on your kitchen table.

No requirement for any specialist tools or materials, you’ll be making stunning books at home in no time at all! 🙂

Book Binding Starter Kit

If you have any bookbinding questions at all, I'll be only too happy to help - drop me a line below! 🙂

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