Paper Backed Bookcloth


A high quality woven Rayon bookcloth bonded to a fine paper backing. The face side of this bookcloth has the matt feel of fabric.

It is reasonably hard wearing and has a small degree of stain resistance.

This is a lovely bookcloth suitable for almost every bookbinding application from book coverings to boxes and slip cases.

If you have attended one of my workshops or used one of my bookbinding kits, this is the bookcloth you used as it is very easy to cut and handle and glues down well without stretching.

Because this bookcloth has a paper backing, it will be supplied with all pieces short grain.

Available in two sizes, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’. A medium piece would allow you to full bind an A5 book or cut into 3 strips to quarter bind an A5 book. A large piece allows you to full bind an A4 book.

Medium: Minimum of 420mm x 300mm
Large: Minimum of 600mm x 420mm

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